There is nothing worse than see our home and garden full of pests. However, insecticides are not always effective and why, then you will learn to perform 3 traps to eliminate snails, mosquitoes and pests.

Trap for snails

Snails are one of the most frequent in all garden pests and therefore it is essential that you learn how to fight them until you see the leaves of your plants full of holes. In this case the ideal is that you make a beer trap to remove snails, as they feel much attraction by the smell of the product and fall into the trap without get out, so you end up drowning.

trap to eliminate snail

To make the trap you will need to create a hole in the Earth, preferably among plants, due that is there where you will have to bury a plastic container. Note that the edge of the container should be flush with the ground.

Fill the container with beer until it stops and when the snails to fall into the trap, you must remove the container and empty it. Then bury it again and again to fill it with beer to catch more snails.

Mosquito trap

A container placed in brown sugar part with a portion of boiling water. Mix very well and then allowed to cool to about 40 degrees. Add a packet and places fresh yeast is prepared in a bottle base.

Preparing lid with a black cloth and places the top of the bottle inside, so that it looks like a funnel. Put the trap in some corner of the kitchen or in the corner you want and in 15 days you will see the countless number of mosquitoes trapped.

Flea trap

In a deep dish place a little water and dishwasher soap. Mix and put it near the site in which your pet rests several hours. Now, located a lamp neck goose, just next to the dish, taking into account the same light must be at a distance of approximately 15 cm of the dish.

It turns off the homeless the lamp lights, since fleas will feel attraction to the same and would fall within the dish.