Within the world of decoration, there are a variety of pieces that stand out for its functionality as well as others do by being provided with a unique and original design. This could be the case of Liquid Glacial, a table appears to be made of water jets, so that its appearance is completely novel and appealing, and very futuristic. A design by architect Zaha Hadid is perfectly achieved.

This table reflects a shadow so original that gives even more realism to the aquatic feeling that claims to offer, especially depending on the point of light that is projected on the environment and the land on which it is located. Even we might say that seems to move with some sinuosity, an optical effect that is highly relaxing.

table that looks like water

The design

Glacial Liquid is a design that has been achieved by working with the master lot acrylic desired shape for both the undulations as downpipes which simulate its legs, which are shown as spiral jet mode swirls. A design that is made by hand in each of the pieces to be responsible, the only way to get the final result is as authentic as we can see in these pictures, taken from several perspectives. So we can speak of a real piece of craftsmanship.


This table also performed on tinted glass that can be displayed in green or black finish, but obviously none of them takes the same realism that gives the transparent, the only completely able to imitate the look of both moving water calm. But at least there is the possibility to choose other colors, something that is never over.