Are you planning to change the flooring of your home? Then you have to forestay very attentive to what today we will propose: bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a grass, which means that every year sprouts again, even if logging. This species grows in various parts of the world, but its largest areas are in Asia, especially in China.

The bamboo bundle composition gives comparable to metal resistance and a higher hardness than oak. For that reason, it can be used on any type of element (floors, doors, windows, furniture, outdoor …). Moreover, adds warmth and a touch of exoticism of other materials lacking. Do you think that’s all? For even more advantages! Do you want to know?

advantages of bamboo flooring

An ecological material

Did you know that bamboo is considered an environmentally friendly material? The answer is that their growth is extremely rapid. Some species grow up to 90 centimeters a day and seven years usually reach their larger size. Furthermore, very fast play unprocessed.


Another advantage of bamboo is that it can be installed on any ground, including those who have radiant heating, quickly. Moreover, the work that gives bamboo is exactly the same as any other wood, and even easier because the boards do not deform as easily as other woods because of its high resistance to moisture. Of course, you can find it in different finishes and textures.

Maintenance and Cleaning

For maintenance, we recommend using humidifiers, air the rooms, wash with warm water or flat containers with water distributed in strategic locations to minimize the negative effects of a lack of moisture in the atmosphere, which could lead to the appearance of small cracks or cracks in the wood.

In addition, there are specific products for the care of bamboo flooring that can be used daily after spending a mop or cloth to remove dust from the dais. While have to extend over the whole surface product for the same amount remaining thereon and uniform cleaning. Unlike the rest of commercial timber, bamboo resists water very well, so it is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.