Now that spring is just around the corner maybe you’re considering changing your home textiles. Today we propose that when choosing the fabrics, your whim comfort and beauty, but also for the health and nature. The best thing in this regard is to choose ecological fabrics, which are those that are crafted from naturally extracted fibers.

Such fabrics are the best alternative to synthetic fibers, especially if they are biological and ecological, that is, they do not contain toxic substances. Some of these fabrics are cotton, linen, silk, jute, hemp, wool, bamboo or sisal. As you can imagine, besides being ecological, have many advantages over other fabrics. Then list them.

ecological fabrics

Natural ventilation

First, organic fabrics provide natural ventilation, allowing perspiration and do not retain moisture. Also, do not emit odors arising from pesticides or fertilizers.

Resistance against fungi and mites

Another advantage of the ecological fabrics is that many of these garments are naturally resistant against fungi and mites and even there have antibacterial fibers, such as linen. On the other hand, are very resistant, a quality ideal for decorating a home.

A just and sustainable option

Another feature which makes it interesting is that they are sustainable to be renewable raw materials that typically occur in an environmentally friendly manner with the environment. In case outside little, usually marketed fairly.

The only drawback

However, all these properties have result: ecological fabrics are usually 30% more expensive than synthetic. Still, we believe that it is worth. Do you?