In this article we intend to find out what are the best colors to illuminate small spaces, those that help enhance any type of lighting, natural daylight and artificial lighting harness so that the spaces are wider appreciate.

If you know something about the color scheme, then you know that white is the color par excellence that helps give a feeling of spaciousness, but there are other colors that can create a cozy and comfortable although space is limited.

colors to illuminate small spaces

Colors for small spaces


If you are a little more classic, you can choose the white color to paint your walls and make small rooms make better outdoor lighting and artificial, this will help to give an effect of amplitude and appreciate bedroom or larger area.

On the other hand, remember that there are thousands of shades of white that’s why we recommend choosing one that prints (depending on your appreciation, as it will for the interior decoration of your house) better cleaning effect, freshness and greater feeling of spaciousness.

Cool Colors

The best example of cool colors is blue. You can also combine colors and choose between various shades of green and violet or purple. These colors are not only appealing, but unlike the warm help give a sense of distance.

It is a good option, if you want to paint all the walls in cool colors that combine with white and put these colors in baseboards, doors and / or windows. It can help you with a palette of cool colors to choose those that you like.

Decorated in neutral tones

The idea is that you choose (you can create it using a color palette) some neutral colors to enhance the natural and artificial lighting, they can be brown, gray, beige, among others. Paint the walls and ceilings with those colors to get a better feel.

In addition, to continue to leverage the lighting to help you expand the small space, you can choose furniture to go with the same neutrality as to put a focal point in the room to draw attention and get a better look at the print area.

Tips to enlarge and illuminate spaces

Place the artificial lighting high, i.e. the lamps remain as high as possible. Thus, the lighting will not cut the space vertically.

Paint with light colors to give him greater amplitude of spaces decoration.

Natural light can be amplified with mirrors; you can use them in all sizes and in all areas of the house. Do not overdo the amount!

Lighting recessed shelf areas where there is, in this way you will give greater scope to the small space.

The color of light, like the walls, will define how space. Use warm lighting (yellow and / or orange) for a cozy atmosphere while cool colors like blue gives it a more airy.

The best advice is that you can choose colors to illuminate small spaces while print your mark on the decor, do not give up decorating with bright colors, but put them to a lesser extent.