The construction industry is on the move once more after a few years of recession and downturn. There is a housing shortage in the UK which needs to be satisfied. Growth is good news to manufacturers of building components as well. Families and wage earners are beginning to grow more confident in the future and that is also providing momentum to the construction industry.

Some are beginning to consider moving which is a boost to the housing market while others are looking to home improvements. With financial restrictions gradually being relaxed the tentative improving signs for the future of the economy appear to be good.

Man’s consumption of natural materials has been a concern for some time. Wood is a natural product but there are certainly issues with the use of such a resource that cannot be replaced at anything like the rate at which it is being depleted.



Manmade materials are essential elements of the construction industry. Their resilience is one of the main reasons why they have become increasingly relied on in place of wood and other naturally occurring materials. For wood, iron and copper read GRP composite, other plastics and fibreglass. Not only are these materials durable and easy to maintain, they are far more able to resist the weather extremes which we experience in the UK between summer and winter.

Fibreglass does not deteriorate; unlike wood which can rot, warp and decay, fibreglass is virtually indestructible by comparison. There is little maintenance involved in composite or fibreglass doors, certainly no painting and it really cannot be damaged in any conventional way. A quick wipe to clean is about all the maintenance which is required.

The only way for example that composite doors will lose their shape is at very high temperature. The temperatures required for such damage is far beyond anything that they will be exposed to during even the most extreme of natural weather conditions and accompanying ambient temperature.

Replacing wood

Composite front doors have become increasingly popular for various reasons, some of which are mentioned above. Many people with older property have replaced their original wooden doors with composite or fibreglass product, both of which provide enhanced security. In addition they retain their shape and hence are far more effective at containing the potential for heat loss from within and incursion of cold from the outside.

The issue of utility bills in the winter has had a good deal of publicity over recent years. Energy companies seem to be raising their prices beyond the rate of inflation each year. Less draughts mean potential savings on those energy bills. That has to be good news for hard pressed wage earners and home owners.

Quality suppliers

New builds use manmade materials simply because of the lack of maintenance involved and the longevity provided.  They are manufactured in myriad different colours including the range of wood effects that might match other parts of the home. It is merely a matter of finding a quality manufacturer, something which can be easily achieved by a search online using any of the popular search engines.

It really is as simple as pressing a few keys and clicking a mouse to start the ball rolling to improving the exterior appearance of a property, as well as increasing security and saving money on energy and utility bills.