If you’re looking to renew the kitchen with a contemporary decor, the following ideas contemporary kitchen design can serve you much.

The contemporary style can be very useful when looking for different ideas for decoration, as it is ideal for those who want to decorate using minimal accessories and the mix between the classic elements with a modern twist.

Contemporary kitchen decoration

The idea is to have a large space but which demonstrates both style. The objective of using this type of decor is modern kitchen design, creating an environment where space and lighting are the main elements.

contemporary kitchen design

That is why you should choose light colors and very discreet accessories. The following ideas how it works reflect contemporary decor for your kitchen.

Contemporary kitchen furniture:

Acrylic modern furniture

The acrylic kitchen furniture is one of the most recommended options for those looking for contemporary and modern in their kitchens. In this case, the touch of brightness that gives this material is sufficient background decoration. A plus for this style succeeds contrast acrylic furniture handles and small accessories in bright metal.

Furthermore, the combination of classic and modern is very common in this style; reason to combine traditional and modern furniture wood acrylic is a good choice for contemporary kitchen design.

Wooden furniture:

The modern kitchen cabinets and tables and chairs with simple designs and fine lines will help you get the contemporary look in the kitchen.

This furniture must be wood shades in matte clear and unadorned, so ideally, sleek furniture. If you opt for wood furniture can add a touch of color on some kitchen accessories (blender, toaster, vase, etc…).

Of course, remember to use a few accessories, and these should be as simple as possible. You can also use bright wood (varnished), but in that case the touch of color should be subtle.

Colors for contemporary kitchens

As we mentioned before, the contemporary decor uses a palette of muted light, neutral colors. As this type of decoration you bet on the simple and light, ideally combine one or two colors at most. Remember to think light shades.

Among the most common combinations found white as complementary tone of the following colors: gray, beige, light blue, light green, light brick. If you add a dark tone, ideally this leads you to the kitchen furniture.

As you may have noticed is minimalist contemporary style, and its greatest feature is the use of tones that cause the feeling of lightness. If you are looking for a new look for your kitchen, this can be a good style to redecorate soon.