People who are lucky enough to live in the midst of natural surroundings, have the unique possibility to enjoy nature 365 days of the year, since there are options to spend most of the day outside, but with all the comforts of the interior. This is possible thanks to the great trend that must decorate one room covered in the garden.

In some cases it can be an extension of housing, wing semi integrated mode, although if your construction not allows it, you can also build a kind of greenhouse or shed, which give him the usual use of a lounge or living room. In any case, important thing is that you surround yourself with large windows that promote the feeling of being in gardens.

garden room design ideas

For winter and summer

A quality detail covered in these rooms is the fireplace, a key to spend long hours in the winter and feel as comfortable despite the weather outside. The truth has to be enjoyed be hearing the snap of firewood at the same time rain splashing the crystals. Similarly, it is important to have air conditioning or other ventilation system so that the hottest days to enjoy this space as if it were a haven of freshness.


Away from the concept of garden furniture which is usually placed on porches and similar, to decorate an indoor room ideally incorporates furnishings typical of this type of stays. Comfortable sofas, even with chaise-longue, poufs, and all the decorative and functional elements that make you feel the same heat of household as if you were inside the House. It is the maximum comfort that allows you to enjoy hours of wonderful environment that surrounds you.