Sometimes we mentioned that the nursery is one of the most beautiful and fun when decorating. There are plenty of proposals that draw our attention both for the beauty of their designs as colorful thereof. In addition, small house filled us with hope and tenderness, and it shows when granting a space whose atmosphere invite leisure and rest.

Beyond the countless furniture and decorative objects that we can choose when decorating this room, there is another aspect that greatly influences the final result: the walls. Here opens a world where we can opt for the simplicity of plain neutral colors, including white, to the greatest diversity of color and design that we can imagine.

wallpaper coloring

Wallpaper is latest trend

After many years in which we have decorated many homes with different types of paints, the latest fashion calls regain wallpaper as a top choice trend. This field is very large, especially if we talk about children’s decor, but the proposal to bring today is not only decorative, but participatory. This is a wallpaper coloring, so that it is the children themselves who are responsible for filling colorful walls of his room.

Family fun and games

Use of this paper is not only decorative purposes, as also its filling can become a time of play and family fun, where parents and children meet certain times of the day to unleash the imagination and thus complete art silhouettes coming. You will need only use markers or paints conventional stationers, as the quality and thickness of the paper can be painted with them, no need for any special tools.