When decorating a room, many objects that can include both its aesthetics and functionality. If you also speak of a space that will be occupied mainly by children, these decorative pieces can be as fun and original, starting with his colorful and ending with the great theme that can encompass.

In the case of today we will see some articles inspired by candy, jelly and candy, a small selection that also sure to delight more than one adult, either greedy, or by reminding moments of his childhood. A series of decorative objects that belong to the Jellio firm, specializing in child decoration designs of candy and games.

decorating a room

A fun twist

Taking a look at their products, we have drawn attention to some of them, such as muffins shaped poufs that we see in the first picture. It is a fairly faithful reproduction of that famous piece of pastry that will give a special touch to the bedroom or playroom. In the same picture we see also some gummy bears on a large scale, a detail that also are available in more colors and in matte or semi.

From gummy bears is also the ceiling light that appears in the second picture. It is a huge ball that has no more and no less than 3,000 pieces of this desirable bauble. And it’s a fantastic combination of colors which makes it even more attractive if possible. A very original design that is sure fans will recognize the famous series “iCarly”, since it appears along with other items of the brand.

Headboards lollipop

Finally, nothing is easier than to wish for a child to have sweet dreams in a bed whose headboard is a huge lollipop. A touch of color and originality as much as you may like the gingerbread cottage is actually a nightstand.