Who said that decorating is expensive? Then we are going to prove that what they really need to have a nice house, full of surprising and welcoming spaces, is imagination. Neither big budgets or luxury furniture or expensive designer pieces … It is imagination and personality of the owner which gives some houses that special atmosphere that we like.

That and more in times of crisis, we love the thoughts that brighten the house for little money. Like this one decorate with paper rosettes. It is easier and cheaper, impossible. And besides, look at the pictures. Is not it a great way to fill the house with special touches?

how to make a paper rosette

Crafts to brighten the house

With a sheet of paper and a little skill, you can become with these beautiful rosettes become the detail perfect decoration for a special night, for example.

To begin with short strips of different widths, two of each, and fold with an accordion. Paste each pair of strips with a glue gun or, failing that, using white glue. Then paste end also ends, so that it is a circle. Open it, put glue in the center of the back, and pastes a piece of paper. She’s ready the rosette ! If you want you can make holes in the edges, decorate it with a button on the center or other smaller rosette.

Where to put them?

If you have already made ​​several dozen colored rosettes and no idea where you apply, you must know that the house is full of great places to show them off. You can hang them on a string and make them into a wreath, perfect for children’s rooms. Or apply to a crystal vase candle (being careful not to burn, of course). Or put them in a frame, as in the picture, to make a wall decoration. Throw him imagination and see as we think of a lot of ideas for decorating with rosettes.