When we want to apply a style in particular then you should really know what we are facing. On this occasion you will discuss how to apply decoration in the traditional style in your home. Do you like formal living rooms? Then this style of decoration is ideal for you.

Tips to decorate in the traditional style

Traditional style decor is typically based on the order and the cosy sensations, based on the use of materials and colors, as well as, of course, in the use of both Visual and tactile textures.

traditional style decor

Form also, obviously, but not for this reason must be attached to all, we mention you because if you are of those who prefer minimal forms but also the traditional materials and colors you will not create any chaos because simplicity combines with everything.


Traditional style furniture is straight, curved lines combined with a formal and elegant style. They are basically furniture of wood, different types and tones, in some cases with prints and embellishments. There is place for display cabinets and other furniture in the dining room.


In the traditional style is essential and fundamental wallpaper, upholstery in halls and rooms. The textures that I recommend are the wallpaper based on stripes, country graphics, such as flowers, leaves, etc. You should opt for light colors that show cleanliness and spaciousness. Ochre tones are also very suitable for this type of decoration in the traditional style.

Plaster mouldings

These wallpapers look great when you finish them with finials. Traditional style admits mouldings from plaster to mode of valances, or to finish in baseboards or toeboards, where you prefer to integrate them in the decoration of the walls. Designs have to be especially elegant.


Curtains are a decorative object that is essential in the traditional style side tie both which is fully collected. Dress the windows. Don’t be afraid to use them even in the kitchen, since there are fabrics in the market with special treatment according to the room where to place them and designs according to what you need.

In addition, you can combine this traditional style with a modern interior because they fit the best because, as you said earlier, fundamentally are the colors and textures and materials.

As you can see, if you like to decorate with elegance and sobriety, traditional decoration and colors involved are very welcome. What do you think?