When there are several people that must choose a specific decorating style to decorate the same environment, a family crisis may ensue. Maybe it sounds extreme, but imagines your partner decides to decorate country style and you prefer an oriental, what do you do in that situation?

Although it sounds a bit strange there are certain parameters that you can continue to use various styles when it comes to decorating, so read on and discover some ideas for decorating combining different styles.

ideas for decorating

How to mix styles in decorating

If we examine the various decorating styles we know today, we can realize that the majority came from the combination of elements of different styles, so it is not hard to find decorating ideas that allow us to mix some of these styles and to get along in the same room.

The first thing you should consider are the styles that you want to mix, because there are certain things you should check to see if you can actually combine or not, as there are types of decoration that combined in any way with others.

The idea of ​​the whole decoration (either mixing styles or not) is that an environment uniform look as a whole, i.e. each of the constituent elements are complementary. Thus, when we want to mix styles of decoration, we must create a unified look regardless of the various decorations.

Tips for decorating styles combine

Central Style

Think about what you want to mix styles, because although there are decorations that can be great together, there are others that do not mix, but you work very hard on trying to mix them. Therefore it is important to be clear beforehand which styles you want to use and compare the types of furniture and color palettes to display if they look good together or not.

Point of care

If an object that combines decorative fully with decorating styles you’re using but you want to include use as a point of care. From there, you should complement that point to other objects and colors, keeping the latter in a low profile.


Among the ideas for decorating, we find that the furniture from different eras but the same material as a platform to unite various styles of decoration. Therefore, you can serve them as a common element that is shared by many styles.

Colors to decorate

The color to decorate the room you choose should be in keeping with the tone of the various objects that you use for decoration, because although you are using different styles, the idea is to combine them and in this case the color is essential. Try to choose a color palette and repeated both in the room as decorative objects.

Besides taking into account these recommendations encourage you to use your imagination and combine things, because trial is coming out the best ideas for decorating styles combined.