A romantic-vintage decor does not necessarily have to be boring. Usually vintage decorating techniques attempt to break the passing years the contemporary bursting with elements from other eras. The vintage style is comfortable and cozy; you’ll always want to go home.

Space vintage

Soft light is ideal for this type of decoration. Lamps vintage with bevelled glass, iron and candle wall sconces provide soft, dim lighting for a romantic decoration.

decorating romantic vintage

Newly married couples usually prefer this type of decor vintage. The Central lamps also cause good impression among visitors. As a tip: wood furniture is perfect to give you a sense of home to your vintage space.

Flowers romantic style

They can be magnolias or tulips, which are. The truth is that the flowers are an excellent element of romanticism when it comes to a vintage space. They are delicate and can give the touch of simplicity and elegance to the space that is going through a romantic vintage decor.

Vintage cushions

So that a place has decor vintage it is not necessary that all the space will become it. The truth is that there are ways to give that air without having to remodel your House. The ideal decoration vintage techniques are patterned fabrics and a pair of cushions that decorate your large living room.

The recommendations in colors are soft and delicate tones or minor combinations. The pastel colors are won the battle to make a romantic atmosphere for lovers of a normal place in the House. If you have the opportunity to test with a pair of lace.


Thousands of vintage space use of wall paper with excellent curvilinear shapes that give movement to space, but at the time peace of mind. The combination of colors is basic; it’s play with nuances of colors. The patterns of the wallpaper can be infinite.

Furthermore it is not a too diligent installation. The recommendation is that everything at home has consistent, so if you choose a special on the wallpaper color you must take this into account when appropriate.

Vintage details

There are details that do not have engraved hearts and arrows of Cupid. However, thousands of vintage romantic decorative details can be made with simple things. Take those old books, old chests and some photographs of your grandparents and supporting them in strategic areas of the House.