Who don’t like balloons? In a birthday party balloons are an important part; without them, the parties lose part of its charm. Decoration with balloons for children’s parties is not so difficult to achieve. With the ideas that will give you then your commitment and imagination, your party will be memorable.

Decoration for little girls

If you have a child that the princesses love, his birthday party is a great opportunity to make her happy. You can do some balloons for the front door pillars and placed them at the end a figure of your favorite Princess.

children s birthday parties

Other good choices are to make an arch of balloons with the favorite colors of your girl and write his name with balloons on the wall. You can also put on each table a table Center with three or four balloons tied to small dolls.

Decoration with figures

Figures with balloons always attract children – even to adults-. You can make flowers, dolls and animals. We know that not all parents enjoy a good craft so there is always the option of resorting to store Cotillion where do Forms.

If the small home is a fan of the Disney cartoons, you have to choose from a wide variety of figures as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Dora the Explorer or Disney Princesses. You only have to fill them. You can also extend the decoration of the party with a few Disney children’s armchairs.

Simple balloon decoration

If you want a simple decoration for children’s parties, you can fill the roof with colorful balloons and frames made of balloons in the pillars of the House, as well as a strip of balloons around or along the railing of the stairs. In this way it will be easier to decorate and you’ll have more time to organize others preparations of the party.

Decorating the home for a children’s Party is also a good opportunity to work across the family. If everyone participates in the decoration, you can finish faster preparations and they can have fun everyone, in addition to making the birthday child a happy and fun party.