In home decoration we can find multiple proposals for the interiors, as well as more and more emerging elements to decorate the garden of those houses that have outside area. Very various possibilities that conjugate design and quality, far from those first movable of garden that seemed of refreshment stand of beach.

If you love decorating and equipping like all areas of your home design pieces, including the garden, now you can do it with the same quality and cutting edge that used to be applied on the inside. A clear example is the garden furniture that we see today in this post, which will not only provide a touch of good taste and fashion, but also will offer the best guarantees of durability.

design garden furniture

Resistant materials

For this to be possible, this entire collection is manufactured in resin LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene), with a factor UVB sun exposure equivalent to 8,000 hours in Florida, so its resistance to temperature extremes are guaranteed both in cold and heat, holding unchanged from -60 º to + 80 º C. Similarly, its strength is also tested against impacts, such as hail, and we also have the advantage of being 100% recyclable material.

garden furniture design

Create Your Own

With its manufacturing modules, you can create your own by choosing all those items that best fit together to form the environment according to the space available. Similarly, there is also the possibility of granting to each a matte or glossy lacquered, so it will be very easy to decorate your garden as you dreamed.