At the moment of decorate, are many elements that you can include in an accessory way, so much to give them a functional use as to contribute a decorative air. Among them we would be able to speak of the poufs, a piece that is not indispensable but with the one that you will be able to have a seat to greater at the same time that endow of a special sound to the stay in which locate it. From among all the models that we can find us, today we will speak of one that is very original so much in its design as in its benefits.

design pouf

Snug is a pouf design that has been created by Kumeko, and that goes far beyond the traditional model. Its main part of the structure common to these seats: a cylindrical base of considerable width so you can sit in it comfortably. But the thing does not stop there; keep some surprises that we will see below.

Original Design

Besides offering the possibility of giving regular use, this original pouf is equipped with an outdoor area that will serve as both backup shelter zones. This is because it is designed by imitating a bag, but inside is equipped with a semi-rigid to prevent deformation to lean on him. Much of the interior has this padding that besides maintaining posture will help you be more comfortable seat, as it is fluffy.

Ideal for winter

Thanks to a belt that brings in the top, you can regulate the pouf into the shape you want, and can even put it completely unfolded and sit inside. This makes it an ideal piece for winter and you can enjoy their positions and feel of wool to read and relax fighting the cold.