Some time now that the Chair ceased to be a space in which only has place more classical and traditional decoration. Although the dining rooms of today still retain the 3 basic elements that make up the whole game table and chairs, cabinet and sideboard, it is also true that current designs give them all an air totally renewed in form and coloring.

Dining room furniture

Today we will see a choice of three dining rooms that have in common have been made in pine wood, which comes in black finish and gold, varying the intensity and occupation of the latter depending on each case. In the first picture we see that the set dresser and cabinet combine matte and gloss black, and draw a thin line contours golden, as if to make a wear effect. The upholstery of the chairs is very clearly, almost can be classified within the vanilla.

furniture  for dining room

In the second picture the golden sections are getting more prominence, especially noticing in the upholstery of the chairs, but the lines that draw the furniture also are more noticeable. A modern room with a personality that stands out evens more on the floor and white walls, and can obtain results in a brightly lit room and amplitude optical effect.

modern furniture for dining room

Details to highlight, silver accessories with which the decoration of this room is completed, as well as the originality with which the walls are decorated. In the latter case, and we go to a room where there is no doubt that the gold wants to have any presence. An absolute intensity that is highlights both the chairs and the feet of the cabinet and sideboard. A proposal that can have as many supporters as detractors, because the visual impact it creates is quite shocking.