We always like to emphasize the importance of personality and originality when it comes to decorating, because it is something that when it invests heavily opting out of predetermined rules and can result in something shocking that will not fit or, on the contrary, a unique and magical. The latter is what has been achieved in the photograph illustrating this post.

Here you can see that the room is built to be used as a living room, but in this case it was decided to enable as master bedroom. The first things you want with this decision are more meters to enjoy a spacious room, the dream of many people. Everything else is added an aesthetic and practical for the location of the fireplace and doors, which may be access to a garden area.

master bedroom

Combining past and present
These and other details such as the marble floor and high ceiling height seem to indicate that this is a renovated old house. Possibly a large house that include more than one parlor and that therefore they may have been able to be permitted to convert one of them in bedroom. This brings us back to place in front of a person with great taste and personality that has managed to seamlessly combine past and present, which can be seen in the set at first glance.

Far from choosing a rural style, this bedroom is decorated in a completely modern, which highlights the trundle bed in sight, the padded headboard and the trim surrounding the vintage armchair or carpet hair, between others. These and other details such as the placement of small tables, mirror leaning against the fireplace, or vases, all so characteristic of minimalism, collide squarely with the doors and soil conservation. For its part, the choice of single color white is also a long shot, but here has emerged triumphant.