Can you end of getting independent and have no very clear how to do the housework. Or maybe you have not ever spent those duties and now are the time to do it. If, for whatever reason it is, you are a bit lost between both products like you find on the shelves of the supermarket, pay attention to the post today. It aims to give a clear idea of ​​what are the essential cleaning products at home, and which are completely dispensable.

For starters, do not be carried away by the publicity. Most miraculous products that are advertised on TV are expensive and not as effective as it seems.

cleaning products for home

One for everything

Some TV commercials are multipurpose products that serve the entire house. However, we can’t believe that we can clean the same product with the furniture of the room and the toilet, and that both will be fine. Best diversify.

To the floor: sweep after (or rather suck, especially if you have carpets or pet), you have to scrub with a suitable product for your soil type. Appoint the mop depending on whether you have wood (also doing well water with vinegar), marble or ceramic.

For furniture: Utilize a specific product. Although good microfiber cloth moistened is able to collect all the dust.

To the bathroom: the soap water or a specific product containing bleach disinfects which best. The tiles are cleaned with a solution of water and ammonia.

For the kitchen: you will need a degreasing agent, but also serves dilute ammonia. Besides, you have a good dishwashing detergent and a specific product for the glass-ceramic.

For the glass: glass cleaner or, failing that, the usual solution of water and ammonia (the left spotless).

Some tips

For best results, it is clear that you have certain things. Don’t use abrasive or too strong. Do not need. If cleaning is done with some frequency, you will not use these products.

Ah! And never commingle cleaning products because they can cause dangerous reactions. Best utilize each separately.