Do you want to have fun? Do you want to liven up your home and give you more light or just one of your rooms? Give hints of joy and a special attraction to your decor? We have you today one of the most risky solutions but that integrates the answer to all these questions: fluorescent decoration.

Keys to decorate with fluorescent colors

While fluorescent colors are typical of youth environments, spaces for children and adolescents are ideal for places attractive and full of life essentially. So if you opt for this type of decoration you will know that the result is on this wave rather than quiet places. The whole point is to preserve the proportions, not visually ignite spaces and rooms.

fluorescent decoration

How to wear fluorescent colors

We split. The fluorescents are in the range of reds, yellows, greens, blues and oranges. These are the nuances that include essentially. We advice you’ll probably go for a couple of colors (or a trio at most) and combine with a third tone which we recommend neutral grays and whites. The use of neutral colors to match colors is somewhat useful for reducing the effect of these spaces crazy.

Where fluoride applied decoration

Our advice is to use fluorescent colors to decorate some rooms preferably in decorating rooms and if you want to have a modern kitchen, but sparingly in rooms. Rather these spaces fluorescent colors used in furniture, upholstery, cushions, curtains but do not cover entire walls thereof as it can be annoying and generate problems of understanding in space.

In the bedroom you can place them in the joinery such as doors to create emphasis on the entrances and windows, or on shelves and ledges. But it also in shades combined with darker tones.

If you can’t decide and want to start testing the fluorescent decoration, do it for points. Start at the bedspread, sheets, pillows, cushions or pillows to put on the bed. Frames until you define what your favorite and best suited to your claims.

If the room is large, avoid decorating large planes with fluorescent colors. If you want to put them to decorate walls very extensive or high we advise you opt for vinyl and graphs with some reason of your choice so that it becomes visually without reaching the extremism.

The essence of decorating with fluorescent colors is the measure. An exaggeration can hinder peace of the room where you place it, so we advise you to go slowly so as not wrong. Dare fearless, go slow and see what results you get exclusive. Do you attract fluorescent decoration? Dare to try these colors?