Our idea is to show you some furniture trends in 2013 that are at par with the trends and sophistication of the very expensive designer furniture, but taking advantage of the simplicity, the multifunctional furniture and recycling.

Importance of trends in decoration and design

Talking about trends in decoration is like talking about fashion in design and other apparel. Trend and fashion is the same and therefore the update regarding these terms is increasingly common. Sometimes depending on new styles, other suggestions to create new market (sell) and to other to produce new needs and encourage us to change lifestyles.

trends in furniture 2013

But not blind you, in no time there will be other. Therefore, we will show you some styles and trends but what we have in mind and not only for furniture but for decorating anything: the most important thing is what you really want and that you conceive couple of your decisions.


The modular concept is a wide tendency that leads us to define lifestyles foremost versatile. We buy things that work like two or three, and so we are in the product authenticity as you solve several needs at once. This type of design has been directed mainly by the purchasing power of the people and also the new life that is mostly in small spaces.


The upholstery is a design resource for thousands of years; since it began making the furniture itself and sought comfort in the solution was upholstered trends, quilting, cushion the direct feel with the furniture. Some lining its objects completely or only parts related partial use. This resource will always be on the cusp of trends mainly by the possibility of variations, if only we were talking about fabrics. The volumes are more comfortable and tend to be rounded. And not have to talk about the possibility of choosing the upholstery according to the tendency of colors to decorate 2013.

Recyclable materials

This is another of the trends in furniture that some designers have tried to instill in this world ever more rapidly updated. There is fear in some that are lost in the parameters that define the human by rapid technological advances. As furniture with natural finishes, the recyclable materials and others are primarily a message of slowing amid the great rate at which we move. An example of this would be recycled pallets for furniture.