Surely once you create a candle and then found a puddle of wax. That is not the worst, it all starts when you try to remove it and you can only do so on the surface, since remains stuck in the area; don’t worry, today we tell you how to clean wax from candle in easy way.

Usually when a large number of candle has melted, large lumps are removed easily, the problem is with the small; we suggest two methods, one cold and one hot.

how to clean candle wax

Cold method to remove candle wax

  • Place an ice pack well frozen the surface on which the wax is spilled. Let it act for at least 15 minutes cold to penetrate.
  • Over time, gets an object similar to a credit card or if you have one that you do not use it, is ideal to remove the remains of any area melted candle without damage.
  • Do not try it with a knife or scissors as you may damage the surface. If after the operation there is wax that refuses to be removed (only for wood furniture), try smearing and then scrubbing the area with raisin cream cover gloss furniture.

Hot method to remove candle wax

  • In resistant surfaces only take a hair dryer and directs the heat over the wax to melt it and rub with a cloth to remove it.
  • If the wax has stuck on a rug, table cloths or tissues as for example melted candle on the clothes, then placed a bag of paper (or newspaper) on the iron and stained area on the paper, you do not use too much pressure, do it gently until the wax is adhered to the paper.