To decorate small rooms the same rule applies for small homes or apartments: less is more. It is the best choice for decoration because it helps not accumulate accessories, furniture or items and give a more spacious and attractive space.

In this case, we will see some special tips and above all very useful to learn how to decorate a small room without windows. If you have a space with these features then we suggest you learn these tips and start decorating.

decorate small rooms

Colors to paint the room

The colors convey feelings so it is important to know that the light tones help to expand and achieve higher lighting windowless room. This means that you should avoid dark colors and start using white and pastel colors to paint the space.

What colors to use? White is a great choice, but if you prefer to add a little color can try a soft yellow also gives a cozy feeling in the room. You can also get a good look with pale peach, light green and other neutral colors.

How to illuminate small rooms

You can enhance natural lighting for obvious reasons (the room has no windows), but as you need to be enlightened to appreciate wider, then you must place artificial lighting. Light table lamp, floor and ceiling will carry you out of trouble.

It also uses both warm and cold lighting. At first during the day and in specific spaces to draw the light input; while the second may be for the hours of the night, when you need stronger light.

Mirrors to decorate

Mirrors are an excellent choice to place on the walls of small rooms without windows, because while the color and lighting help to expand the space, these items make the area more deeply appreciate.

Furthermore, the placement of mirrors is useful for enhancing the artificial light because it bounces off objects and creates a sense of more space. A tip: combining mirrors placed large and small sizes in central or focal wall.

Other tips for decorating small spaces

  1. Use the necessary furniture for the room does not have an overwhelming feeling.
  2. The colors of the furniture should be clear and obviously match the decor of the room.
  3. Place plants that do not need sunlight to give a natural look to the interiors.
  4. Hang paintings or photographs to help give an effect of spaciousness. Pictures of landscapes are a good choice.

Now, you can take full advantage of your room, no matter how small or no windows. Enjoy a warm and inviting decor, that’s what matters.