Decorating with stripes causes several effects: from modifying the dimensions of a room creates a feeling of continuity and dynamic in space. Decorate striped walls is to create a movement and direction of particular places and therefore have to treat this form of decoration with extreme care because in the same way that add greatly to the spaces, they can also do away with these.

Striped walls decorating can be done several ways. You can choose different patterns and colors, changing the width and direction of the stripes. But we will not describe the graphs that are always thousands and not get to any results. Prefer comment you about the effects, essentially, that’s the main thing.

decorating with stripes

Depth effect in the decor

The less common form of decorating with stripes is it in the horizontal direction. But if you want to direct the eye to a particular area, it seems like everything is deepened over there, then we advise the put in that sense. In case you want even more fresh decor, modern and dynamic, then you can include them in the ceiling for feeling better because the tunnel increase. Another way to decorate walls with horizontal striped is done with stripes of different widths, varying them and inserting them along the wall.

Larger spaces

If you have a high-rise space and want to strengthen this dimension, and then decorate walls with vertical stripes is what you need, from floor to ceiling. The width of the lines also depends on the dimensions of the space. Very wide stripes create spaces visually heavier, so that for small volumes is not recommended, as they tend to make the space much overloaded.

Motion effect

This is one of the richest effects for decorating with stripes. The effect looks great movement in a space. We recommend two alternatives. One is to place the lines in a specific direction obviating the horizontality and verticality so you can place them diagonally either direction favoring space.

Anyway, do not have to be parallel but rather converge in one place so you’ll have points of emphasis that will provide a dynamic visual in your home. It is the most difficult to decorate striped walls, but its fun. This solution may be more appropriate to decorate walkways or small spaces.

There are endless ways to decorate walls with stripes, not just with paint or decals. What you have to be clear about is what you get with this type of decoration so that the effects are very interesting and not monotonous. What do you think the idea of ​​decorating with stripes?