Decorate the house during the winter should not involve the use of cool colors and ornaments off. By contrast, some decorative ideas to adapt to this station, you can spice up your home. Today we will tell you how to decorate the house in winter for you to give a fresh new twist.

Winter Home Decor

The idea of ​​decorating the house in winter is to give a touch of color and life on the outside is not so openly expressed. With some minor changes you will see the change in the feelings that cause you interior decoration.

winter home decor


As the temperature outside is cold, it is best that you achieve a warm inside your house. For this purpose, decorative candles and incense will add relaxation and pleasant scents to your home. Another way to change the decor is integrating family photos as ornaments on the walls, shelves and tables; Choose picture frames made in wood to place photographs in black and white or color (depending on your tastes). This will contrast with the rest of the decor.


Indoor Plants are essential when decorating your home at any time of year, but in winter are more important still. The plants will give life to your home and also make you healthier. Mixing plants and flowers to give color to the decor.

Try to choose plants that are easy care and can be kept in low light (remember that low winter ambient lighting), can guide you through the list of indoor plants to decorate you already had offered previously.


Depending on your taste, you can choose to decorate related to winter colors, such as blue or gray, but the idea is to combine with bright colors and strong and you achieve a contrast to reach a striking decoration in the winter. A good way to get a different combination is to use warm colors, so go ahead and, for example, mixing a pale blue with beige or brown.

If what you want is to get a totally different environment not afraid to use strong colors for this season’s shades like cherry, apple green and brick that will help you give lively touch to your walls. If you do not want to change the paint, remember that you can add these touches of color to accessories such as rugs, cushions, curtains, etc…