The tropical-style decor is very carefree and happy. It reminds us of life in the tropics or the beach, since it utilizes elements characteristic of such places, as furniture of wicker and rattan, typical decorations, tropical plants and manages a color palette reminiscent of the Interior of the tropics.

In addition, it is a decorative style that allows to use antique or collection, objects such as bottles, or scale boats fish in a framework, and other things that remind us the coast such as shells, snails and fish tanks. So let’s see how to decorate tropical style.

tropical style house decor

Tropical colors for decorating the home

To give our house a warm and festive tropical-style starts with colors. Colors to decorate tropical style can be almost anyone, only it is recommended to avoid very dark tones to the rooms without natural light or are very dark.

The advantage of the tropical style is that we don’t have to paint the rooms of a single color, you can change colors in different rooms, for example in the room or living room can use a cobalt blue or a blue Peacock.

Important thing is to be a vibrant color, without being irritating, and to remember the sea. Other used tones are white and all its variants such as ivory and cream, coffee and raw colors. The wallpaper may also have tropical grounds, can use walls of wood rustic or bamboo.

Tropical interiors

Second thing is go decorating with Wicker, we can also use rattan furniture, it is not the same, but the two are similar, so there is no problem with which we use. We can also use our furniture and combine them with some Wicker, such as armchairs, chairs, chests, tables and other furniture.

Do not have to be only for outdoors; on the other hand, will give you a very elegant and sophisticated air to our house. If we want to give a more ecological and tropical feature, we can use for the abaca cloth seats, and bamboo furniture since it is a kind of rustic, beautiful and durable fabric. In addition to that you can find in many shades.

We can also use fabrics printed with tropical motifs. For both the furniture and curtains. Everything will depend on our tastes to choose the design of the curtains.

Tropical style widely used bamboo blinds which contrast with the walls and give an air cool the rooms but we will depend on whether we use curtains with vivid tropical oysters and star designs, large-leafed tropical plants.