Not everything in decoration must have strong colors and excess of elements to generate an environment with style, because often the simplicity with a certain touch of elegance is what is needed to create a pleasant atmosphere, especially in the decoration of the living room is a place that we spent lot of time and must have an atmosphere that invites us to relax. Therefore, today we will see how to decorate the living room in neutral tones.

Decor in neutral tones

For the decoration of interiors in neutral colors you should seek to place a strong color touch to create balance, because if you do not achieve a very flat result to decorate the living room. Ideally, those neutral colors are the protagonists and the greater part of the decoration and let some small spots where you can use dark or bright hues (depending on your tastes).

interior decor in neutral colors

Then, to combine these colors, you should know that neutral tones are those colors that belong to the range of whites and blacks. On the other hand, the colors to decorate most commonly used, include beige, green, Brown, blue, violet, yellow, among others.

The idea of decorating the living room in neutral colors is that these tones that dominate the walls and furniture, to achieve an atmosphere of calm and to enlarge the space. To make this decoration work you can give a personal touch by adding some color or texture, but to a lesser extent than the neutral color.

Textures and trims to neutral Interior

Accessories are a good source to include a bit of color in neutral Interior, as well as prints, or textures. You can use curtains, tablecloths or pads to wear materials with contrasting colors or different textures.

decor in neutral colors

In this case furniture is also considered part of the accessories. If these are in neutral tones, with colors pads will be a good companion. In the case of wood or leather furniture, you can use them as the complementary color to the neutral colors of the rest of the room.

The pictures are a great way to add color to a decor in neutral colors; you can choose images that are complementary to the walls of tones to achieve the sensation of depth without adding much color to the room.

If instead you want to decorate the living room making a full sober environment, combines the neutral tone of the walls with accessories in black or Brown, this give you the color calm clear and elegance by the combination with the dark tone.