To print a touch of freshness, also of elegance, or a coastal air and it evokes the spaces in the open air, the blue is an excellent choice for an interior. In this case you will see ideas that we will know how to decorate a living room in shades of blue.

This is a color that is associated with natural spaces, the coast, the open sky and water, therefore it is able to equip with a refreshing mark to any room in the House, and even the living areas. Also as the advantage of the use of this tone is that it supports multiple combinations, thus varying the effect achieved in the atmosphere.

decorate room in shades of blue

With a successful mix of blue and other colors, a salon can acquire a character of calm and serenity; can be achieved to make the space look with a coastal flair, with the colors of the sea, tinged with abundant white.

To blue room, can resort to the decorative accessories, which can be easily exchanged with the change of season, or when we want to make a change in decor. With vases and other adornments, carpets and curtains, blankets on the sofa, lamps, and a few cushions, is possible to compose an aesthetic in which the Blue will become absolute protagonist. Another idea is a wall painted in deep blue, which will be a point of attraction for the stay, and it is possible to qualify with neutral tones and accessories which add luminosity.

Thanks to the fresh and natural connotation of blue tones, they are perfect to decorate a living room in the summer, and get vivid and harmonious environments. The combination of textures and designs brings dynamism to an interior in which the color scheme is dominated by the blue range.

Blue sky, turquoise, Navy, to name a few of the options to achieve different combinations that suit the style of each room, and to provide it with the coastal, youthful, serene, formal spirit that we like.