If you’re looking to decorate the living style that is more relaxed, stripped and natural, perhaps the best time to learn how to decorate the room Wabi Sabi style. Wabi Sabi style focuses on the balance of the rustic decor and minimalism, rustic furniture, interiors imperfect and natural materials. All this is for a very warm interior.

Furniture for wabi sabi room

Wooden furniture is not very polished are the rule when choosing furniture, rustic wood and unadorned predominates, with wood tables trunk or abrupt. The lines are simple, generally rectangular, with the vertices well marked. They may have imperfections such as knots, holes, bark or be damaged by time.

wabi sabi style room

We ourselves can improvise a table with planks that have bark on the edges; this will make it very natural and easy. How TV cabinet, rustic furniture, combining with the coffee table will suffice.

Many people use modern armchairs but somewhat deteriorated. So there is no problem if we keep our chairs, but we should not damage them to achieve this beautiful style. Suffice that else corresponds with a natural, rustic decor.

Colors in the decoration of the room

The range of colors that will choose it preferably is in shades of ocher, smooth and not very vibrant. Some chairs dark green or dark brown combine perfectly with the coffee table in natural wood. The important thing is that you take that serene autumnal touch to the decor of the room.

It is therefore important to choose a good design curtains. For this we can make use of curtains in autumn hues, such as, coffee, olive green, amber, red brick, black gray and not very deep. We may also use patterned curtains autumn, leaves, bamboo or any discreet oriental motif in muted tones. White is a color acceptable, especially if it is white oil.


Accessories that we put to decorate the room in the wabi sabi style will be those who give the final touch. For example, we can use vases with river rocks or plants not discrete and vivid tones. A bonsai will be fine, unglazed earthenware vases empty or small flowering plants, will add a touch of life. Japanese-style paper lanterns, in muted colors or creams, are a touch of elegance, in our simple room.

Remember that a Wabi Sabi decoration is based on harmony between the rustic past and present, seeking contact with nature and simple. So not many furniture you require to succeed. By contrast, Wabi Sabi room has no furniture that needed to give that calm and minimalism that characterizes it.

Do not worry about how to stay, only yourself when decorating and you’ll be fine. Share us your results and ideas for your decorating project. Would you like to meet other styles to decorate the room?