Although it does not appear, the children are always having a lot of things that store, including toys, clothing, school books, shoes and… The list is long. Therefore, from small should get them to maintain order in their rooms, but if you don’t have how to offer storage spaces, it will be more difficult to implement discipline.

To make this possible, important thing is to know how to take advantage of the space in the children’s room, since this we can control the disorder to the maximum. We will see a couple of things regarding this article.

nursery decor ideas

How to organize your closet in the nursery

The amount of clothing that has children is amazing, from jackets, hats, to piles of socks and t-shirts. We must help them to organize the closet, so this space must be very well designed to keep all the clothes and not to leave items flying out there.

The best is that it is adjustable to the needs of storage, sometimes you lose space with clothing that we hung and comes to take up minimal. In a tidy closet you can also save more than clothes; If we take advantage of the space, you can store every day, why not accessories.

nursery decorating ideas

How to store important objects of children

To store our children in their rooms special objects without having a nightmare, you have to be creative. Usually, they save small details which are received in its infancy and that you as a parent can then be a real headache if you don’t have a site specific.

For example, you can use furniture against the wall that float or some shelves of colors that are very consistent with the decoration of bedrooms and there you go putting those details that the children do not want to take off.

Modern libraries

The habits of reading in children go on rise and much more because now the libraries of its rooms have nothing boring. Libraries not only serve to put books in them, a pair of dolls or photos can live up to it.

If we talk about organizing the House with originality, now it is very popular to use storage boxes and in them you can put discs, books or photos. You surely save a lot of trouble if you teach him since childhood to sort their materials.

Storage sites to take advantage of the space

When it comes to space, any site should be lost. If you have exhausted the room spaces can get to a bed with drawers where you can store some things. Some potatoes selected those drawers for storing shoes, blankets or clothing of travel that is removed each time.

The other idea are chairs or puffs, some have lids that internally, for example, you can save this great game of weapon all. In the market there are important varieties of multifunctional furniture that comply in addition to its main function of storage.

3 bad ideas to organize the nursery…

Bad idea if you organize your child’s bedroom without it.

Bad idea is to use these large boxes of toys where children never find anything and small parts of toys are the bottom of the box. There are more efficient ways of storing children’s toys.

Bad idea if you don’t put him in a space of the room a small bin in which to get used to pull the roles of food, sweets, tools, etc.

When it comes to organizing children’s room and take advantage of the space it is important not to saturate the room’s too much furniture, but, rather, find the suitable system for each space. Sometimes, the corner that we think less is a potential place to store those elements making disorder everywhere.