Just open your drawers and find what you are looking for, as well as cause you bad mood makes you lose time. On the other hand, in psychology it is said that when the interior of our closet is messy, it is the reflection of an internal disorder. Now that you know, learn how to organize the drawers in the closet to have your home and interior in perfect harmony.

Ways to organize the drawers in the closet

how to organize closet

  • It takes a drawer at the same time so that will not be a real nightmare.
  • Begins to discard everything what they don’t use, is broken or hatchet.
  • Depending on the clothes that keep in the drawer, you can go to accommodate them according to the format; you bend them so that all are well presented. If it is mean, match them, if they are perhaps t-shirts you can organize them by colors, if it sets of clothes inside separate them according to use, for example; sports, everyday, holidays etc.
  • It tries to be everything stores in your drawers at the same height so that it facilitates opening and closing furniture.
  • It uses small containers for storing small objects inside the drawers, thus not will be lost and will keep them always sorted.

More tips for ordering a chest of drawers

  • If accounts with several drawers to store one t-shirts, other stockings, in other panties, small objects, and finally one where save your pantyhose and lingerie sets.
  • If you have white items that you don’t use often you can buy protective clothing bags to keep them inside and prevent it becomes yellow.
  • In stores you can find dividers of drawers that are very useful for example for storing socks or belts.
  • To keep the drawers with pleasant aroma placed bars of soap container scented candles or bags of dried flowers of lavender, jasmine or rose.