Renovating the house painting is always fun, barring the furniture revolution, the disbursement of money and stains on the floor of which is always one. And if this is so in most rooms as easy to paint the room, imagine what will be redecorating the kitchen. But lest you die in the attempt, here you advise how to paint the kitchen furniture in the most convenient and easy, so you can perform this task in a short time and with fewer headaches.

Before you start painting the kitchen

First, you should know that paint the kitchen furniture is moderately easy task, but not very fast, as it surely will take several days to give a new color to all the kitchen cabinets.

how to paint kitchen cabinets

Remove doors and drawers

The first thing to do before painting the kitchen furniture is to remove all drawers and cupboard doors and cabinets, for which you must unscrew and remove the hinges. With this we get simple scenarios in which to work when we go to paint and allow us a better way to paint the doors and drawer fronts separately, which are often the most visible parts of the furniture.

Clean kitchen furniture

Now cleans the kitchen furniture of all traces of dust and grease or any other substance, to what you can use a damp sponge and some degreaser. If wood is one specific for the better.

Fill holes and damage

For this we need a primer or putty product to use to fill in any holes, slots, or cracks that may exist in the wood furniture, and create a more responsive and uniform surface of the paint.

Smooth the surface of the furniture

This refers to sand all surfaces that are going to paint, to remove the old paint and primer smooth patches that place. Furthermore, this process will make with fine sandpaper, we get a lot more adherent surface, and allow the paint to set a better way.

A new primer

Now back to the primer used, but this time placing a layer over the entire surface to be painted. Once dry, sand it proceeds to create a smooth, even surface.

Note that if you apply other primers, with their respective sanded, the surface of your furniture will be much better for painting.

Painting the kitchen furniture

The time of painted furniture, for which we will use acrylic paints and brushes of finish, or even a small roll. It begins by placing a thin layer of paint, which, once dry, you complement a second and even a third color layer if necessary.

When at the end of a day or two, the kitchen furniture have dried completely, already you can reassemble them in their respective places. And remember that this process tends to take their time, so it is best to start remodeling some furniture, and when they are ready, begin with the following.

Well, we hope these tips to paint you useful. Although take you a bit of effort, you will see how the new color of the furniture give an image renewed and full of life to your kitchen that will make much more pleasant everything you do on it.