There are times when we clean wood floors so we do not realize the damage they do, until they are too opaque. To care for them, you have to know how to wax them, if the floor is waxed well no matter what we may wash followed, it will be wasted, however if the floor is waxed bad enough just a little moisture to squirm tables. So today we will share some tips on how to wax a wood floor.

What can I use wax?

Depending on the type of wood floor we have is that we can use a wax or another. If the floor is unvarnished wood, linoleum or cork, the best thing would be to use liquid wax or oil. But we can’t use the liquid wax or oil in vinyl flooring, urethane finish, or are not waxed.

how to wax a wood floor

Another good option is to use silicone based polish water. We can use it in almost all types of wood except cork, linoleum or unsealed wood. But it’s perfect for urethane finished floors.

Paste wax we can use for linoleum floors, cork, concrete and unvarnished story, but must be used in vinyl flooring, urethane finish, or are not waxed.

Yes we do homemade floor wax paste; the following instructions will use the recipe.

How to wax hardwood floors

Paste Wax

  • Lightly moisten a cotton cloth, clean and soft to have no lint.
  • Evenly apply a little wax on the surface (always according to the instructions of the container).
  • When the surface is dry, you have to give it shine with a clean towel, sponge, or a power polisher.
  • The wax is dry when the surface looks cloudy.

Liquid wax and oil

  • Moisten a cotton cloth, lint-free and make it smooth.
  • Apply it on the floor in a smooth and uniform.
  • When finished drying, polish the floor with a clean towel. We can also use a sponge or a polisher.
  • We can realize that it is dry when we see that there is only the enamel.

Polisher water-based silicone

  • Dampen a clean cloth and pour a bit of polish.
  • Spread a light on the floor bale evenly avoiding bubbles is made.
  • Once the glaze has dried, polish the floor with a clean towel or polishing.
  • After applying each layer have to wait for it to dry and polish it again to put another.