The patchwork is known as a kind of manual art through seam combines several pieces, usually of fabric, to perform a larger single piece. On the basis of this idea you can decorate the walls of your home with this style, and thus achieve change your environments in an original and personalized manner, because for example you can create a pattern for the living room and another very different pattern for child’s room.

The following ideas for decorating with patchwork thee guide so that you find the most convenient way to decorate your home.

Decoration with patchwork

Despite the fact that the idea home of patchwork is different pieces together, this is not random; rather than try to follow a pattern (with either color or shapes) so that the combination is aesthetically appealing. To achieve this you can use any pattern or range of colors.

ideas for decorating with patchwork

We have already mentioned that the patchwork is done with pieces of cloth, but for purposes of decoration for the home, this technique can be adapted to other materials like paper wallpaper, ceramic tile or painting. You must only have a little imagination and patience to make all combine, but both have freedom of tones and forms.


Achieve a look of patchwork on the walls is very easy, and best of all is that you can use almost any material that comes to mind.

The first thing that you need to define is the size each box, because the ideal is that they are all equal. After this you should choose the area you are going to decorate, ideally, do it only on a full wall or take a small part of it (although if you’re risky and you like color can decorate every wall, but it may appear to be recharged).

It is advisable to use a range of colors that combine well together; the amount of tones that you can use is indefinite, while harmony they believe in total decoration. In relation to forms, it seeks to use similar prints. For example, if you decide to use parts with flowers you should seek that most of the pictures have a stamp with a similar or complementary theme (flowers and birds).


You can achieve a subtle touch of patchwork decorating only a part of the room, and they carpet them are a good resource. In this case the carpet with different types of fabric you will have to do yourself.


If you like this type of work you can do patchwork pieces to decorate furniture, cushions, curtains or bed linen; This is a way of using the original form of patchwork in the decoration of your home.