When it comes to decorate many times we forget to include patterns in the design, either for fear of excess color and figures or because we simply do not know how to combine them with the rest of the decor.

But it was time to get out of what we know and dare to change our home with the following ideas for decorating with prints going to show you below.

Prints for interior decoration

Decorating with prints not mean you should include a wide range of colors and figures; rather it is about using the pattern as a focal point of the decor and limited to a specific area of ​​the environment in which you are going to use.

decorating with prints

You can choose from classic prints to modern standards, to those who are representative of a particular style of decor, whether the decor vintage, retro, art-deco style or decor hippie, among others.

Decorate with patterns

You can use the following ideas to decorate any room in your home, obviously adapting patterns and colors for each room.

Color prints

To use patterns with different colors, you can choose to decorate with fabric or wallpaper with patterns of figures such as lines, circles or squares, and so on. With this you can combine both the forms and the various tones.

Animal print

Accessories animal print or animal prints are ideal if you want to integrate a temperature patterns. We recommend that you use it in small accessories such as pillows or small cabinet paintings auxiliary.

Layers of prints

If you have a base color on the walls can use patterns in the same range of colors to complement the decor. Make use of wallpaper in some parts of the wall or curtains with figures for this effect.

Decorative details

If you have a neutral color environment and want to start adding prints, you can do it in a subtle way. For this you must use the accessories to your liking, for example, place pillows with different shapes and textures, a picture of contrasting colors or patterned carpet. Ideally, put several points patterned decoration to be in all the atmosphere without being overdone.

Figures Patterns

Can include the decoration patterns through neutral colored fabrics that are rich in forms (such as socket) and colored walls combine to form a specific pattern, in this case, lines are the most recommendable.

Combine different patterns

If you wish to maintain the decor soothing colors, patterns can include figures, and best of all, you can combine multiple shapes (lines, circles, boxes, flowers) as the soft color will help to mitigate the effect of the patterns.

You can also use strong-printed patterns in their figures and colors in small spaces-house. Again, the cushions are an ideal to integrate patterns and prints.