One of the things that most lovers usually do for Valentine’s organizes a romantic dinner. And while dining out can be very good, plan a dinner at home for two can become something very special.

But for everything to be perfect, we must look to the smallest detail. Beyond the candles, we can decorate the table in a special way to bring a touch of glamour and romance, which is undoubtedly the essential ingredient in a night like this. It is true that we all agree that the love you have to prove every day, and that is a flame that must always be kept alive, but … why not show our affection to the beloved of a slightly more special? Here you have some ideas that can help you get the most romantic table you can imagine.

ideas to decorate on valentine

The color, well used

Although in most cases the color that prevails in a table decorated for Valentine’s red, do not always have to follow strictly the guidelines set, so we encourage you to choose the color that you like. When putting the cloth, we would opt for a sleek model, highlighting the best any decorative appeal.

Although it is best to use white plates, infallible, you can also add colored dishes, careful, though, to match the tablecloth, napkins and other accessories. Decorated in red, white and black can be a complete success. Look at the pictures.

valentines day decoration ideas

Flowers and candles, a classic

The flowers are an item that cannot be absent, but choose them with caution. A small Center that adds a detail without cluttering the table is preferable. As for the colors, white is a sure hit.

A romantic table without candles is not such, therefore, missing. In this chapter you have several options to choose: put small candles in the center of the table, or choose a center that incorporates. You can put some more candles in the dining room to give a romantic air to the entire stay. Or decorate with garlands space as the original picture. The romance does not conflict with the fun.