What to look for and what to fear, acting in the property market itself? Here you will find information transparent to the purchase and financing of your home is something easy for you and you can avoid unexpected outlays. Also, we offer practical advice to consider the purchase of your home is made ​​optimally.

1. When deciding on buying an apartment, people often guided by such criteria as its location, size, price. We recommend to pay attention also to the following factors: first of a house (in the presence of wooden floors or mixed), whether a house or an architectural monument of dilapidated housing, environmental state area where you plan to buy an apartment, especially if there are people in the family with chronic diseases, availability of infrastructure, garage or parking space. Also important is the period when the apartments in the property from the seller. If you want your purchase was made in full compliance with current legislation, it is important that the apartment was owned for at least three years. If the sellers own apartment at least three years, ask if they are ready to specify in the contract of sale the full cost of the apartment and to pay tax on income. Typically, sellers refuse to do. In this case, the purchase of this apartment is better to abstain.

tips on buying a flat

2. When buying an apartment is not a single person, the family, the people often question to any member of the family is best to make a purchase. It should take into account all the factors that in the case of changes in the composition of the family will be able to best protect the rights of all participants purchase. In this case, be sure to keep in mind is that by making a property in the minors, people limited in capacity or deprived of it, you will not be able in the future to dispose of the property without the consent of the guardianship, in terms of our present reality results in tedious grocery instances, spending huge amounts of time and sometimes money. If you are interested in learning about to buy a house you could visit buckeye real estate.

Therefore, if the family relationships are strong and trustworthy, better execute an apartment only for adults and capable family members. Keep in mind that if the apartment is made by one of the spouses, the other must provide notarized consent for the purchase. And regardless of the fact that the apartment will be framed by one of the spouses, both spouses are on the flat equal rights. And spouse-owner will not be able to dispose of the property later without the consent of the spouse, with whom it had previously acquired. This does not apply only in one case – if the marriage contract between spouses, which stipulate how the ownership and management of the property being acquired by spouses during the marriage. Special mention should also think about whether you want to make out an apartment in the ownership of the parent retirement age, if the apartment is purchased on your blood, and your parents have more children, which by law are his heirs, including the heirs entitled to a compulsory share in the inheritance.

3. Takes a lot of time to study the proposals of the market. Therefore they are related to the selection of a very serious source of information by which you will make selections for future display. The most reliable data can be found in the newspaper and medium stable working estate agents. Do not waste your time looking at apartments, the price is significantly lower than the average market – during the inspection required will reveal facts supporting the mismatch state documents to the requirements of the current legislation, which could then lead to unpleasant consequences for the buyer.

4. Apartment look better during the day – you can estimate how much it is light, will be able to slowly walk around the house and you need to evaluate the presence of infrastructure, just watch the people who are locked in and out of it – it’s your future neighbors. And in the same apartment pay special attention to examination of water and sewer pipes, ask the year of a house and the year when they did the last repair. Pay particular attention to the issue of the availability of redevelopment. In case, if any, ask whether it is legalized. If legalized, have to present documents to prove it. If not legalized, you have two choices: not to buy or bargain with the owner, because you still have to eventually legalize it and it will require a lot of your time and money, so your desire to reduce the cost of the apartment is legal.

5. Express its seriousness about buying an apartment you like you, you can only one way – to make an advance payment (deposit) for vending apartment. This is one of the most important moments in your actions on buying an apartment, so took it very seriously. Arrange with the owner of an apartment for the advance. Place your meeting must match the seriousness of the moment – it is better to meet in the business center, where there are rooms for negotiations, or the agency, if you have an apartment or a seller is working with the agency.