The artists live in a world in its own way. The same space where we develop all is seen differently by each of the individuals based on their experiences, their lifestyles, and so on. Imagine how it is for an artist. It is this same revelation but exacerbated by your imagination. This is undoubtedly a very different interpretation of the same medium.

So sometimes we talk to some artists and are uncomfortable about to stray in that environment they want to live by not getting the ideal space for their needs and ways of seeing things. So, this time we will stop to offer some tips on interior decorating for artists, especially painters. Beyond how to decorate the bedroom of an artist, there are many decorating tips that we can’t ignore.

interior decoration for artists

Ideal environment for an artist

The loft apartment is the ideal place to live a painter. The best thing about the decoration of loft is the freedom it allows to develop the artist’s life through the distribution and use of space. An artist needs space, amplitude to create their works and is the type of artist who feels a vocation dwelling throughout your home. So, while it has areas to work, the artist needs his daily life is also part of his creation.

Organization of space

It is therefore advisable to think about the decoration in an open, even unlimited. However, the zoning of spaces is necessary, so that an action is very well seen no walls divide spaces and if the artist, you would serve your own tables. Generates billboards, supermarkets with own canvases and fasten the roof and the floor so that it is a kind of stood visible on both sides. Depending on the space you have, you can place multiple, make mosaics, or is a big one, as you wish.


You have room to stand and work on others, but also to place the pictures once completed, should also not know how to store them or do not own space. This can create a kind of standard media gallery with paintings like fixing gutters or guides, so that is not reason to attack architecture whenever you want to put a different work. The theme of colors and is more focused on the artist’s particular taste.

Adequate lighting

In the house of an artist should favor the entry of natural light and viewing environment. The exterior and interior are sources of inspiration. For this we recommend large glass windows, to connect with the outside, with the ability to hide it whenever you want with blinds, curtains, etc…

Wall decoration

Another decorating idea well appreciated by the artists is to paint murals inside the house, especially if it is the fruit of his art. An easy remedy is to have an all white wall or any background color you want and this can be translated from the work of the artist. To do this, you must have furniture free areas for the work itself has all the attention needed. This is very important.

These tips are ideal in interior decorating for artists because although they are use schemes and standardized tastes good because they suit the needs of the profession, the space will become a part of life and decoration of the occupant visual arts, with greater freedom of expression. The decor is also that: a mode of expression, not only of the perpetrator, but also of those who live it.