Metal surfaces and metallic elements are symbols of glamour, beauty, style, modernity, technology, business, anyway. The metals are present in several decorative styles and are as a wildcard when you run out of ideas and the reason is its adaptability to contexts because they may or may not be emphatic.

Reflect all they have around and are integrated into the decor. This is its main advantage. Then the forms will have to define the style in which they are placed directly. So today we will share with you some ideas of interior metal.

Metal surfaces in decor

Depending on the decorative style, the type of metal applique decoration will either. Polished metals i.e. more shine and reflect the most flamboyant styles are unique where everything you want it to be seen.

These surfaces are depending on the size of the space where you place, the more desirable for use in larger or smaller as they can be a source of special emphasis, such as mirrors. This is how you should look at them, so it might be a solution for decorating small spaces.

interior decoration with metals

However, opaque metal surfaces, with fewer glares, the glossy type, are more discrete and specific to the modern home decoration going to carve on minimalism, modernism and even today, though we are living in an age of so many trends I think that sometimes we fall into a modern eclecticism rather than anything else.

If they can have them in glossy colors from light to dark and are expressions that more materials will bring elegance to a space. They are very common they are combined with other materials such as wood and leather, both views as modern kitchens in rooms.


As for furniture, metallic elements are present in portions, for example, the supporting surface of a table, chair legs, and thus, only isolated portions. Then for more attractive and insertion in the set if you can choose full metal furniture.

Metal furniture and metal surfaces are synonymous with cleanliness, luxury order. In the lounge we recommend you include in cold areas, where there is better contact with people as furniture and props if entirely in side tables for example. In addition to lamps, where look great, especially if you are fond of the modern design lamps.

Effects of the decoration on metals

Metal surfaces are a temptation and straight terminations give it a luxury and formal cleanliness tremendous space. Just remember always the subject of reflexes: if your space is very clear can provoke “noise”, as well as reflect the environment, light is also part of this effect. By the same token, if you live in a small apartment, you can use metals to help illuminate environments, as long as you are careful in how you use them.

In glossy dark or light metals are a temptation and straight terminations giving it a luxury and formal cleanliness tremendous space. Any decorative style can have a touch of metal. Using them without fear is the main key. The result of the interior metal will always be optimal, without doubt, you’ll see.