The vintage is one of the trends that are being used today. Every day more people are joining this style that combines aspects, textures and shapes with a touch old relatively contemporary.

To decorate your home in style today we bring you a house decorated with touches of vintage style very interesting. The most important areas of the house that will highlight will be the living room, kitchen, hall and some of the rooms. In general spaces decor vintage walls should be white or light colors, although admittedly any shade you want as long as it pastel.

vintage decor ideas

Errors that often make in this type of environments are to use very strong colors or shades combine well. The result is an exaggeration of the decoration, making it heavy and overloaded. It is always important to play with textures. One way to do this is to use wallpaper to decorate the walls of the home. This will help us create the desired atmosphere and provide the greatest living space as long as we use it in the soft tones of the vintage characteristics.

The floors are also a key element of this type of decoration. Ideally, the wood floors are, especially if you want to give the home a rustic touch. Opt for light colors for wood is an excellent choice because we can combine it with any type of furniture and accessories.

If you do not have the option to have wooden floors, you always have one of the most interesting alternatives: the carpets. For a vintage carpet of earth tones like brown or black within a room or a perfect fit.

Now for the furniture of the house: The wood can never miss in space vintage. The dining table and coffee tables to a main hall should have this material. If the supports are metal table, is the better.

The color is also part of this style. Almost any bright color is allowed on furniture and accessories, as long as they are consistent with the overall play of stay. At this point it is worth remembering that all elements within the space should contrast and highlight so opaque that no element to another or create the feeling of being saturated or color or accessories.

The decorative accessories are keys to proper vintage decor. For most of them you do not need to spend too much money. Use objects with history, legacy items, accessories or rakes find in thrift stores, etc…

What matters is that each of the objects conveys a past. Leather-bound books, tables aged naturally by the passage of time, mirrors seventies, and toys for children of your parents, etc…