The laundry room is a very useful area of the house, there is a space where we spent a lot of time, but we can organize and decorate it nicely. So we’ll see how to plan the laundry room decor to make the most out of this space.

Besides washing clothes in the laundry room should also be able to board and sewing. Iron in any other room in the house is tiring and uncomfortable, and sew sitting in the dining room or living room, can be dangerous if you lose a needle on the tablecloth or chair.

laundry room decor

Tips to decorate and give useful

To design and decorate the laundry room, it’s best to have cabinets with doors or curtains to properly organize each cleaning items and you can close the door to give a cleaner look and pleasing to the room.

If this is not possible, then consider using colorful containers or decorated, to transfer power cleaners and arrange them in sight. Thus, upon entering the laundry room, you will not see product brands or plastic containers ordinary.

To give a more welcoming to the laundry room, you can combine the curtains to cover the board, and some vases of flowers or potted plants.

The radio also must take its place in the laundry room, because while irons do laundry or you can listen to entertain you, while some designers recommend putting a TV. We do not think so, we think it would be more useful e-book or a computer that you can command to read and listen to radio while ironing or expect to complete the program of the washing machine.

It would also be useful to have a comfortable chair, next to the area where you put the sewing box, for comfort when darning or sew a button.

Wall decoration and lighting

As you know, the colors of the walls greatly influence how you feel in each room. Then, the laundry room should be bright and cheerful colors, especially if you use appliances that are metallic or white, as this will give an extra touch and feel better for this task, which is often not the most pleasant. A good idea is to let your imagination using designs and patterns to paint the walls.

The main thing, in the laundry room is the lighting, it must be excellent and natural. The idea is that you can distinguish, with the least possible effort, stained clothes and the colors of the fabrics.

If your laundry room does not have good natural light, then, seeks to achieve white light fixtures that are located so that you do not check the garments shade. A good idea is to place watchmen or bulwarks lamps to wall in the area where you check your clothes.

These tips for decorating laundry room are simple, but very useful. Do not forget that the laundry room is a place where children should not be, and in fact, is the site of the house you have to be quiet with yourself, so you should feel very comfortable.