This urban apartment is a demonstration of two professional care and meticulous work, on the one hand, the doomed architect to build this private residence, in the company of the owner, an artist who personally designed the elements and details that give character to this House.

It is a floor of minimalist style, where luxury and art are present, accompany each environment and create full and cosy corners of personality.

The result of the joint work of the owner of the House, responsible for printing its unique stamp to each space, together with the architect, is a spectacular interior.

minimalist apartment

The interior of this loft in the city has been designed under the premise of “less is more”, a successful bet when looking to create environments in which the pure and clean lines dominate the scene.

Clear and bright, ceiling reflects perfectly the natural light that filters through the large windows which are distributed in one side of the plant. White color is that stars in the color scheme, and is responsible also enhance the brightness of this House.

In architecture, columns, painted black, offer contrast to the predominance of white surfaces, and are an element that acts as a focus of attention, impose its strong presence in the space, and define different areas. Adapting to a modern interior, providing character and elegance have been designed in a way which reinterprets a classic and historic symbol.

Another feature of this modern apartment is represented by objects of art present in different corners. Each piece has been designed and conceived especially for this residence, paintings, light installations and furniture with mirror finishes were created by the owner.

Simplistic shapes, light materials and surfaces that add an original touch, along with works of art, merge leaving a glamorous and unique aesthetic effect.