For those who love nature, the landscaping is one of the most relaxing and entertaining activities. Furthermore, the creation of landscapes helps to print serenity and balance in the design of houses. For that reason, we bring for you some ideas for decorating gardens with stones that allow different styles to provide landscaping. Know, then, are some tips to decorate your garden and make it a more attractive place.

Stone landscaping

At present, we can say that modern gardens are based on simple styles. Seem to have adopted the minimalism of the houses and have turned to the decor of natural outdoor spaces. Thus, the modern landscaping with stones is usually done in a subtle way to achieve a tidy appearance, controlled and organized to enjoy the outdoor spaces of the house.

modern gardens decor with stones

Stone pathways

One of the most striking ideas or options in decorating gardens is the inclusion of stones to create paths. Thus, not only helps to maintain the best lawn care for a longer time, but will agree a modern style to that area while combining two natural elements.

Natural waterfalls

If you have a large garden and spacious, you can start building in areas other attractions in a small garden would be almost impossible, for example, stone waterfalls. They are more visible when they are in the corners of the place, but you can play with the location depending on the shape and the space you count, as it also can make smooth stone fountains for gardens and other attractions.

Stone Spaces

Rather than garden soil is completely covered with grass, you can go dividing areas and place in some small stones that give it a barren and rocky appearance that combines perfectly with green spaces. Also, if you want to dive more into the decor, there are colored stones to match other decorations for gardens.

Large rocks to decorate

On the other hand, large rocks placed in different areas of the garden allow add a different touch, but attractive, as long as you add subtle amounts otherwise saturate in the environment and may even seem abandoned.

Decorating Ideas

  • You can also place stone troughs for animals that visit your garden.
  • To make a stone path ideal fill the spaces with lawn, so the decor will be appreciated neat and tidy.
  • In areas where there are only stones you can put pots with flowers of different colors to make it more natural to the gardens.
  • The modern gardens mainly used geometric shapes to create a sophisticated and a better balance.

We hope these tips modern landscaping stones help guide you to begin designing your own space.