Having a modern minimalist garden can be the result of an aesthetic decision or solution may be the most successful and beautiful design for a small garden. The minimalist style led to the modern garden design is a commitment order, the simplicity of shapes and minimal maintenance. We provide some of the keys to modern minimalist design gardens.

A solution for small gardens

If you live in the city and you have a limited outdoor space, you can always design a minimalist garden. This type of design allows you to salvage the best of a small garden and strengthened through the order and harmony.

modern minimalist garden

You can place a wooden deck and define the areas where the grass grows. You can also place pots of simple shapes and pure with foliage plants of the same color or similar, since the idea garden design is modern and minimalist generate a sort of stripped and harmonious environment.

Areas defined

A minimalist garden should have a simple geometry. The idea is to combine different materials surfaces, but think of them as independent planes. There are no fuzzy edges or transitional spaces. The grass growing in an area bounded by the edges of a wooden deck, a row of bricks or a rigid pavement, defining different areas in one continuous space.

There may be a significant presence of water, either with a source for garden or creating a mirror of water that can be seen in its composition as a material, a surface that gives its stamp to the design of a modern garden.

Yard Care

As for the care of the garden, there are two ways to view this topic. Some argue that the modern, minimalist gardens are ideal for those who do not have time for maintenance. But there are experts who believe otherwise, because in a modern minimalist garden and there is no place for the high and cut grass invading the deck or neglected plants.

The truth is that a garden of this type has the advantage that there is a wide variety of outdoor plants to which you provide care or other large expanses of green lawn that you keep with particular suspicion. But the truth is that you should be aware of the details, weeding, cleaning and care order, keep the grass grow out of area, etc…