Color is a powerful decorative element that offers the ability to define the personality of our home. With colors you can set the space to play with the different volumes of the architecture, highlight or hide what we want, expand or narrow a space, play with the height of the ceilings, making a more welcoming stay … In short, the colors have an aesthetic value unmatched in the world of interior design.

As you can imagine, the relevance of the colors in the home increases for stays most important, such as the living room. For this reason, it is important to choose a hue that provide visual balance and that adapts to the environment. So, you have to think about size, luminosity, floor, furniture or the views from your living room.

warm room colors

As mirrors

If you feel like your living acquires some color, you can opt for the warm tones in their softer varieties such as creams, sand, stones or earth. These colors act somewhat like mirror everything around them (light, fabric, furniture …), which will greatly influence the perception of the room.


However, warm colors also have some advantages. For example, create immersive environments and get cozy and fit perfectly with the wood. Also, being rich in nuances is difficult for you to get tired.

Textiles and Accessories

Yes, you should be very careful with textiles. The frescoes as cotton or linen will make your living room look more casual and relaxed, while the warm textures, such as velvet or wool, get your living room look more sophisticated.

As for supplements, it is best to opt for the color tones of the walls. So, if your walls are colored stone and gray tones fit perfectly. In addition, the warm welcome prints, but always in the same color of the walls or in neutral colors.