When you want to paint a room or the entire House, it is crucial to choose the right color, the color of the walls will be the main piece in the decoration. For this reason, so that your choice is the best, today we will see some considerations about the wide range of colors to paint walls.

Whether you seek a bold and edgy effect or a more classic style and conservative for the design of a room, colors to paint walls will play a key role. So, to choose the best color, read on to learn how to do it.

colors to paint walls

Orange and yellow

These two colors provide much warmth in the space, and you can even combine them to decorate a room in this range of colors. Yellow provides a feeling of joy and the Orange brings that cozy feeling that has the ability to make you feel comfortable just put one foot in the room. In case that you decide to decorate a room with these two colors, use the Orange to paint the wall you want to emphasize, and the rest of the walls using yellow. To make the feeling of warmth and harmony, it tries to be both colors in pastel shades, but if you want a more vibrant feeling, use more intense tones to paint the walls.


The red color is a color with lots of personality; Moreover, we think that you must be color with more personality of all the palette of colors to paint. Therefore it is advisable to use it sparingly and discreetly; otherwise it will cause too much tension in the decoration, which is not bad, but it is not recommended for a room that is used daily. To appease the impact of this color, you can combine it with white, beige or even Brown. You can use other colors, but these are the guarantee to always operate, making easy the decor of any room.

Blue and light blue

The range of colors to paint walls in which are blue and the heavenly is our favorite, and this is because they are shades that go well in any type of room. In addition, blue as the sky, produce an effect of harmony and serenity, which is ideal for rooms that are used on a daily basis and where you want to relax and unwind. Also, these colors are very easy to combine, grey, white, Orange, yellow, red, green, all go well with blue and celestial. So, when in doubt, we suggest you go with a shade of blue or blue to paint your walls, you will not regret.


The shades of green are ideal for the design of children’s rooms, and you can use both girls rooms, children’s rooms; it goes well with both genders. The shades of green are widely combined, moreover, green can be combined with almost any other color to paint walls, but seeks to always choose the right tone for this color. Other rooms that look great in green are the family room, the room of games, dining room and kitchen. Choose your shade of green and begins to paint the walls!