This time, we’ll talk about rustic wood stoves. While it is most common, this type of kitchen need not only be in country houses. It is also common to find combined rustic wooden kitchens in modern homes.

The rustic wood stoves provide a warm home. Since the kitchen is known as the room where the house is a home, a visibly warm and comfortable in the kitchen is very important in the design of your home.

Wood countertops rustic kitchens

The wood countertops, rustic typical in kitchens, have many advantages. One is you can chop food to prepare meals there, without blunt your knives. While wood can be marked, you can use a single sector of the counter to chop ingredients to cook with.

rustic wooden kitchens

Another advantage of wood countertops is that it’s easy to replace them. If you happen to the counter aging, damaged, stains or any other problems, you can replace it yourself wooden board on the other, is as easy as removing the nails, and nail the new place. It is also very economical!

Integrated rustic kitchens

Whether the rest of your house is made of wood, stone or brick, the design of a wooden rustic kitchen will adapt very easily to the rest of your home. Being a neutral material, wood, design fits any home, especially if it is rustic.

However, although the wood is well adapted to any design style, make sure you choose the right shade of wood, and to incorporate this material in other areas of your house, from place to take wood furniture in other rooms of wood the house are valid options to achieve this.

Natural decoration rustic kitchens

Since the most common place to find a decorating style is rustic lodges, normal in rustic kitchens is seeing fresh ingredients own field. Fruits, vegetables, eggs and so on are common in rustic wooden kitchens.

Therefore, these elements can serve to have a rustic and natural in your kitchen. The colors of these foods stand out in a beautiful way in the wood. So try to decorate the kitchen with vegetables and fruits, besides decorating with herbs and spice jars, which also provide a perfume that will make your kitchen the most inviting place in the house.