Thanks to the spaces that convey harmony and tranquility that generates a subtly decorated space, without excess of ornaments, furniture, or technology, style Nordic has gained much ground in recent times. As it could not be otherwise, has also conquered a lot of people in terms of Christmas decorations.

As you know, in the countries of northern Europe is very cold during the month of December, so we are trying to find a simple decoration to enhance clarity and provide much warmth inside the home, which is achieved mainly with white wood and love for small details. But you still have to know a little more about the Nordic style Christmas decorations. Do you want to know more?

nordic christmas decorations

Natural Elements
One of the main features of the Christmas decorations in northern countries is the important role played by nature. Thus, in the Scandinavian style used elements like trees and pineapples in centerpieces or untreated wood. On the other hand, the Christmas tree is characterized by simple dry branches of trees simply decorated in brown, white or gray. In short, it is a much more decorative nature than that to which we are accustomed, without much color or plasticity

nordic christmas decorations

The wool of colors, wicker, rattan and thread are the materials rustic employees when decorating collected branches, candles, Christmas tree, the gateway and anything else you can imagine. You know that the decor is essentially Nordic retailer, making it look smaller basic details that give a rustic touch to any corner of the home.

Family Craft
On the other hand, make crafts together is a very important concept, because Christmas is a time of reunion with loved ones. Thus, the ornaments and even Christmas tree itself are designed for the family to unite all members and get results more beautiful.