The loft style is widely used when what is sought is to make broader and more modern House. However the loft style initially was created decorating stores, with brick walls, concrete floors, iron gates, and facilities uncovered.

Today, like the style eclectic, and minimalist style, is one of the most commonly used to decorate. We can realize which is why when we see a house or apartment decorated in this way. Space and originality make it look sophisticated, relaxing, and avant-garde. For this reason today we bring you a few tips on decorating loft style.

decorating loft style

Brick walls

Although one of the things that characterizes as is style are simple brick walls, no spackling, also them can paint or upholster.

We can upholster them with a role similar to brick patterns, to give a touch more attached to the original decor from the 1950s, or we can paint them light and dry as Matt White, Tan, or cream colors.

Large spaces

This decor is spacious places with few rooms; ideally we dispose of things that do not occupy and that only removes space.

Remember, until you decide to make space by removing some walls have to consult with a qualified Architect.

Also it would be nice that if what we will do will be strong modifications, we add a few large Windows not only so much more light and spacious but will look for to complete this style more. Some people use doors Shoji (Japanese traditional doors), to divide spaces in large rooms, since this type of sliding doors allow the entry of light and are easy to move.

Modern interiors

To give you the original appearance of the warehouse, we can leave some pipelines or beams, provided that this is not a problem, also some lamps hanging from the ceiling. So you have the touch of sophistication it is preferable that we use modern furniture like round or square, chairs of clear colors such as pastel and cream, or much darker colors like black and red.

Also we can put in the middle of what would be our room a glass table, granite, or wood, and in the corners one or two pots with large plants.